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Print wristbands and inpatient labels with one device
The WS2 is a hygienic, compact direct thermal desktop printer from SATO ideal for various healthcare scenarios.


Suitable for direct use in the hospital ward due to its disinfectant-ready, antimicrobial plastic casing, the WS2 prints both patient ID wristbands and inpatient labels quickly and accurately for optimum patient safety and operator peace of mind.


The WS2 is also offered bundled with SATO patient ID wristbands as part of a competitive package, making the need to hand write labels a thing of the past.


• Best in Class Patient Safety: Disinfectant-ready, antimicrobial casing (industry-first feature)
• Print on Demand – High-quality patient ID wristbands and inpatient/laboratory labels. Compact, lightweight design for ease of transportation
• Save Time – Hassle-free media loading, enhanced printer setting tools and web browser for ease of operation. Faster than market average print speed, up to 7-inch/sec
• Integrate Easily – Cerner accredited and ready for connection to all existing HIS/EMR systems through the standard USB and Ethernet interfaces
• Reduced Carbon Footprint – Less consumable wastage compared to equivalent models on the market
• Eradicate Errors – Draw information from existing patient management systems


Patient safety is our priority
The compact size and light weight of the WS2 makes it easy to transport, giving operators the flexibility to print from desks and patient bedsides as required. SATO understands that space is at a premium in the hospital environment and the 2-inch WS2 has been specifically designed with this in mind. The device is up to 23% smaller than equivalent competitor models. In addition, the pure white body of the device and disinfectant ready, antimicrobial plastic casing enables hospital staff to keep the device clean and limit the contamination risk.


A key frustration for hospital staff is when multiple devices are required to print wristbands and labels. Over 50% of our customers say that they would prefer an easy to use, compact device that can support both wristband and inpatient label requirements.


Making the switch is simple
The SATO WS2 printer is easily integrated in to existing HIS/EMR hospital systems and is validated by Cerner for use in its systems. Users can control and configure the device with its dedicated setting tool, as well as via web browser.


The user-friendly features of the setting tool include a printer search, to find all connected printers for quick access and configuration, and multi LAN to simultaneously configure a range of printers on the network. The device is also compatible with the legacy WINS to connect to a remote network by using its NetBIOS name. Once set up, the WS2 is extremely simple to operate, even for the first-time user.


Although the WS2 is optimised to work with SATO wristbands for the highest-quality print, it is also compatible with most comparable wristband and label consumables currently available on the market. So, there’s no need to worry about using your existing consumables supply before switching to SATO wristbands and labels.


WS2 – the smart choice for sustainability
Media changeovers in wristband and label printers – for example, from adult to infant ID wristbands – can typically result in wasted media during calibration. This is not the case with the WS2, which is ready to print from the first label every time. The advantages of this are twofold, saving time and effort for hospital employees and reducing waste and overall carbon footprint for the hospital.


• 23% smaller than equivalent models on the market
• Faster than average 7-inch/sec print speed
• Lightweight at only 1kg
• High-quality 203dpi & 300dpi print resolutions available


• Patient ID wristbands (optimised for SATO patient ID wristbands)
• Drug administration labels
• Histology sample labels
• Blood collection/transfusion labels
• Inpatient meal labels & all other types of 2inch labels


Technical tools
• USB/LAN connectivity as standard (IPv4/v6)
• Wireless LAN option
• Multiple printer utility setup
• Legacy Netbios/WINS compatibility
• Multiple emulation support (SZPL, SEPL and SDPL)
• Compatible with NiceLabel and Bartender label designer software
• Enhanced settings tool
• Web browser settings
• Easy firmware update by USB key


Optional Accessories
• Cutter Kit – Supports all types of 2-inch labels
• Dispenser – Supports all types of 2-inch labels
• WLAN Kit – WLAN:IEEE802.11 b/g/n

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