PharmaJet Blister


Masterprint PharmaJet Blister applies the marking suitable for the destination on the blister at the final stage of the process, therefore it is not necessary to produce the blisters with the final marking on them in advance in small series. It is enough to customize the marking when an order is due. PharmaJet Blister provides the safety, reliability and production capacity suitable for pharmaceutical companies, and all these with costeffective solution.

Available options
PharmaJet Blister: marking for Alu-Alu blister and Alu – Poliamid blister, Contact lens blister
PharmaJet Cardboard: marking for flatcardboard before packaging
PharmaJet Sachet: marking for sachet 120 blister / min max capacity


120 blister / min maximal marking capacity. – Print width: 144 mm. – The removal of faulty blisters on the marking-verification spots during the process. – Full print verification with high-resolution. – Archives the images taken with timestamps. – The 360 dpi print clearly visible to the naked eye withstands mechanical impacts, acids, solvents and other chemicals. – Using this methodology will significantly lower logistics costs.

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