Masterprint PharmaJet Print & Check Tamper Evident


A high speed labeling, verifcation and validation serialisation work station, designed for pharmaceutical companies.


A full range serialisation solution, fully compliant with the EU FMD directives
The PharmaJet P&C TE system provides a full scale solution for pharmaceutical companies, to meet the conditions stipulated by the new FMD directive, entering into force in February 2019.


The system ensures a smooth transition to the new structure
The PharmaJet P&C TE system integrates the steps stipulated by the strict EU legislation into the customers’ running manufacturing processes, enabling customers to switch over to the new structure without any interruption or default, by the due deadlines, while minimising the changes required to be made to the current systems.


Can be tailored to special requirementś
The workstation and the new structure to be linked into the overall EU IT system will be created in line with the customer’s specific requirements. The PharmaJet P&C TE system offers a high precision, multifunctional and flexible solution, backed up by a state of the art IT system.


A solution covering the range of L1 to L4 (including both software and hardware elements)
PharmaJet P&C TE offers fully automated functions in the field of pharmaceutical product serialisation. The workstation can cope with all requirements related to the security features to be placed onto the packaging of medicinal products. The software part of our solution covers the entire process, from stage L1 to L4.


Auxiliary services

  • – Installation and commissioning
  • – Validation
  • – After sales support
  • – Service level agreement


High quality technical support

  • – Local project support
  • – 24/7 technological support
  • – Remote support, when required
  • – A dedicated team of engineers
  • – A long term, reliable partnership


The benefits offered by the PharmaJet P&C TE

  • – Offers a full range solution, with an excellent price-to-value ratiol
  • – Low operational and maintenance costsl
  • – User friendly management and operationsl
  • – Due to the high speed printing, the serialisation requirements will not slow down the manufacturing processl
  • – Robust, modular structure, which allows the system to be tailored to individual needsl
  • – Tamper Evident type label position verification via a built-in camera systeml
  • – The design, implementation and later adjustments are fully in line with the customer’s individual manufacturing requirements and other preferencesl


Optional auxiliary equipment and tools

  • – Tamper Evident label ensures that the packaging remains intact, for an enhanced level of security
  • – An aggregator equipment to further enhance ef ciency
  • – Special auxiliary materials: inks, Tamper Evident labels
  • – Transport tracks with modular design
  • – Adjustments required to any interlinked machinery I/O or bus systems
  • – The design and manufacturing of auxiliary tools and devices, facilitating a better integration

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