Masterprint PharmaCheck


Registration of medicines in the EU system, access to and modification of their information – Masterprint’s PharmaCheck software has been designed to provide a quality solution for all these tasks.


In a few weeks, the life of the pharma supply chain operators in Europe will be changed fundamentally: On February 9, the EU FMD, the serialisation regulation for the pharma industry will enter into force. 


The PharmaCheck serial number verification software developed by Masterprint itself and validated by HUMVO can be used by wholesalers of pharmaceuticals, pharmacies and hospitals to verify the authenticity of medicines and to modify the status of medications. This software will enable these stakeholders of the pharmaceutical industry to have continuous access to the status of a given medicine, and they will also be able to change a status through HUMVO, the national database. The software as an interface establishes contact between wholesalers – pharmacies – hospitals and HUMVO and provides them authorised access to request and modify information – thus assisting stakeholders of the pharmaceutical industry in complying with the provisions of the EU directive.

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