When labels are replaced by markings - a more economical and convenient solution for cartons arises


Automatic and high-quality marking of cartons for one-fifth the cost of labels — we have delivered the most economical solution to one of the large domestic production plants.

Automatic and high-quality marking of cartons is significantly cheaper than manual labelling. One of the large companies producing fruit products entrusted this task to Masterprint Kft., and our employees were looking for a solution that would satisfy all their needs.


Less workforce means major savings


Labels previously produced with a desktop label printer by our client were hand glued on the boxes by employees, but this method proved to be a time and money consuming solution. After learning about the manufacturing conditions and demands, we chose the Matthews T50 inkjet printer. This equipment automatically performs direct carton marking (case coding), without human intervention, next to the production line. The information to be placed, such as the so-called variable data, can also be changed on demand, so marking has become much more flexible and faster than with the pre-printed labels.

A labelling station, which also operates automatically, could have been proposed, but while the initial cost of the two devices is almost the same, the operating cost of the labelling station would have been significantly higher due to the higher unit price of labels.

In this way, our client’s investment pays off in the short term, as it saves money in two areas thanks to the new solution. Savings are made, on the one hand, on the workforce, since the printer works next to the production line without human assistance, and on the other hand, on the physical labels, which (depending on their size, material, etc.) would be about five times more expensive compared to Matthews markings.


The main point is the traceability: first-class markings on each carton


The quality of the markings is not an issue either, as one of the main virtues of Matthews printers is precision: thanks to the perfectly legible caption, each box will be perfectly identifiable.