We strive for safety – with continuous supply, observing protective measures


In the current emergency situation, we feel that the value of predictability is even higher than it used to be in the past. Due to the corona pandemic, the demand for reliable equipment and services has increased even more for many enterprises and businesses.

In maximum compliance with the introduced safety measures, we are working day after day – both from home office and at our company’s site in Iváncsa – to come up with the expectations of our customers.


Thanks to the enormous work of our suppliers, we can ensure continuity in the supply of consumable accessories and spare parts. We regularly monitor the delivery time of our incoming goods to avoid any shortages. However, in spite of all our efforts – due to the changing circumstances from day to day – delays may still occur, and we shall solve these situations by partial deliveries, with the shortest possible delivery time.


A reliable service background is essential for the smooth production of enterprises and businesses as well. Of course, we shall continue to provide service support for the equipment we sell and manufacture. In order to minimize human contacts – in accordance with health protection measures – we ask our partners to send the machines to us for repair or maintenance where possible. Where this is not possible, our service colleagues will continue to perform on-site calls – equipped with a filtered mouth mask, rubber gloves and disinfectant gel.


In order to minimize the risk of infection, we shall continue to observe all safety measures and return any equipment – sent to us for repair/maintenance – to our partners disinfected.


In this emergency situation we shall keep our customers informed of any changes and provide assistance where needed!