We have added a new member to our family of pharmaceutical serialisation modules


PharmaJet Print & Check Tamper Evident AERO perfectly integrates the steps of strict EU regulations into existing production processes.


Developed for pharmaceutical companies, our high-speed serialisation station can be customized to meet individual needs and provides a compact solution to meet EU FMD regulations.


With the PharmaJet P&C TE AERO, serialisation of medicines is perfectly automated. The equipment for printing, verification and validation has an up-to-date IT background, covering the entire process from step L1 to L4: it meets the EU requirements both in terms of software and hardware. Thanks to high-speed printing, serialisation does not slow down the production process. For the highest level of security, the Tamper Evident label guarantees the integrity of the packaging. The position of the Tamper Evident labels and the serialisation code are checked by a camera system, and if there is an error, the machine automatically discards the selected product.


You can view PharmaJet Print & Check Tamper Evident AERO, along with many of our other developments, at any time at our virtual exhibition by clicking on the link below:

Masterprint Virtual Exhibition

The development was implemented within the framework of the GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-02423 tender.