We are pleased to introduce Masterprint Kft.’s recently launched virtual exhibition!


For years, we have been planning to showcase our equipment that we are most proud of as part of an unusual virtual tour. Thanks to the technical possibilities, such a tour can now be almost as much an experience and can provide the same amount of information as if someone were actually visiting us at our center in Iváncsa, taking part in one of our professional open days.

The machines presented at the exhibition all represent the future of marking technology, the focus being on product tracking.

For us, traceability does not mean Track & Trace in the traditional sense, we are tracking not just shipments, but individual goods as well. An increasing number of representatives from the pharmaceutical, chemical, fashion, food and essentially all manufacturing industries are implementing this special system, which provides exceptional security and transparency.

Quality, originality, safety… to start with the most important arguments in favor of unique product identification.

This means in reality that the products, or even the raw materials used for production, are digitally controlled, handled without human intervention based on unique identifiers. Each item is tracked step by step during its movements, thus enabling the filtering out and retrieval of defective and counterfeit goods, so only impeccable quality and original products will reach the consumer. In case of emergency, defective goods can be retrieved and recalled in a matter of seconds, avoiding illnesses and accidents with serious consequences.

Serialization is beneficial not only for consumers, but also for businesses: thanks to easier product identification you can more easily meet the increasingly stringent safety requirements, protect the prestige of your brand and, as a side result, your company processes become more transparent.

  • – To this end, the virtual exhibition will feature, among other things, our labeling, inspection and validation system named MASTERPRINT PharmaJet DMP6 developed specifically for pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution and logistics companies, as well as the proprietary Masterprint PharmaJet Print & Check Tamper Evident Aero system.
  • – Our agrochemical traceability segment is strengthened by a customized production line that feeds, labels, encodes and organizes packaging bags.
  • – You can also get acquainted with our semi-automatic aggregation station called Masterprint PharmaJet Top View.

Click on the link below to enter Masterprint Virtual Exhibition 1.0! Thank you for joining us!
Masterprint Virtual Exhibition