Unique Product Identification is the future — Report on the Open Day experience


Diversity — Unique Product Identification is emerging in more and more industries, so the guests from MASTERPRINT – ZEBRA OPEN HOUSE 4.0 have come from a wide variety of backgrounds. 


Protecting Quality Products — We could have given this title to our two-day professional event at the end of November, held jointly with  IBCS Hungary Kft., one of the domestic distributors of Zebra printers. Tracking of individual commodities is becoming increasingly commonplace, not only in manufacturing but also in everyday life. Dog ID chip, retina scan, ski pass — just to name a few of the articles we meet every day in every area of life. 


In more and more industries, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry or in the manufacture of medical devices (implants), product tracking is regulated by law. As for agriculture, the so-named plant passport has for many years ensured the transfer of healthy, original specimens abroad. 


It was also said at the event that product tracking will also appear in areas where it is not yet a legal requirement to follow the lifecycle of individual goods. In addition, unique identification no longer facilitates the work of large corporations, but more and more retailers are taking advantage of product identification. A great example are small honey producing businesses, for whom purity is a key issue. 


GS1 provides the standard system for unique identification, while Masterprint Kft. has systems in place to guarantee quality and authenticity. We not only meet the needs of our customers with our own equipment, but also the software support for our systems is ensured. We are transferring our experience and knowledge of pharmaceutical serialization to other industries as well, whether the latter are large or small.

During the event held in the Iváncsa Master Print Center the guests could see our live Print&Check Tamper Evident and DMP6 serialization stations.