Quality, originality, safety – Masterprint Kft. closes a busy year


2020 started just like any other year – with a very exciting exhibition. At the Sirha Budapest food and gastronomy trade fair, the main role for us was unique product identification. Because guaranteeing quality is particularly important in case of foodstuff. The originality of a particular bottle of champagne, for example, can best be guaranteed by individual product tracking.


Because of the emergency due to the COVID 19 epidemic, we introduced precautions to meet the expectations of our clients – as well as provide a reliable service background – while also ensuring the complete safety of our customers and employees. For example, where possible, our clients send us their machines for repair and maintenance in order to avoid human contact.


We were not sitting around idly this year either, as we were asked to provide a number of custom solutions. One of these tasks was to ensure that the cardboard boxes containing fruit products are labeled automatically and in excellent quality, at a much lower cost. Previously, the labels were produced by a desktop label printer and placed on the boxes by hand – this procedure was then replaced by an inkjet labeler that worked quickly, cheaply, precisely, and independently.


When we were asked to help with the sorting of premium quality optic devices, our staff commissioned a complete dosing and sorting conveyor system. Based on code reading, the unit decides where to place the trays containing the various spectacle lenses. In this case, too, the goal was to replace the operator workforce and to operate automatically, quickly and without error.


At our meat processing partner, bagged products had to be automatically and subsequently supplied with variable additional information, bottom and top labeling + printing. One of the most important aspects here was that the subsequent labeling should follow the pace of production. Thanks to additional labels written in the language of the destination country, the products could be shipped to an unlimited number of countries.


Naturally, the pharmaceutical industry was an important part of our lives this year as well. Our new development is the PharmaJet Print & Check Tamper Evident AERO high-speed serialization station, which provides a compact solution to meet EU FMD requirements. It meets EU requirements on both software and hardware, and the Tamper Evident label guarantees the integrity of the packaging.


For the first time, we took part in the online event called Night of Modern Factories, where we presented our various systems and equipment in the spirit of innovation and digitization.


Our unusual “Professional Open Day” called Masterprint Virtual Exhibition 1.0 started in November, where we virtually guide those interested in our developments around our center in Iváncsa – with a focus on product tracking. For us, traceability is not the tracking of shipments, but of individual goods. With this system of extreme security and transparency, representatives of all industries benefit – not to mention their customers. Defective and counterfeit goods can be filtered out and retrieved, so that only original products of impeccable quality reach the consumers. The exhibition is constantly available via our website.


We wish our customers, supplier partners and colleagues a peaceful holiday and a predictable, cheerful new year!


See you next year!