Post-placement of information at the bottom and top of the product - freedom in labelling


Placing various information on the product after packaging, with automated top and bottom labelling, allowing labelling to follow the pace of production.

One of the largest meat processing companies in Hungary has commissioned Masterprint Kft. to supplement their new packaging line. To meet customer needs, we built an automated labelling station that simultaneously puts extra labels at the bottom and top of the packaging. The station works with precision and speed.

One part of the complete labelling cell puts a design label at the top of the packaging (e.g. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE or DISCOUNT) At the same rate, the other piece of equipment prints a label with information required in the country of destination, in the local language, and places it at the bottom of the packaging. The products can thus be delivered to a virtually unlimited number of countries.

Two different types of labelling machines were placed above and below the double decker conveyor belt, and our staff chose the NOVEXX brand labeller in both cases.

The labelling station provides a solution to several problems. The most important step forward is that the basic packaging of the product does not have to display too much, if any, unnecessary information. Thanks to the lower printing and applicator, the NOVEXX ALX734, important information can be placed on the product afterwards. Top labelling, i.e. the application of marketing labels, is performed by a NOVEXX XLS204 high-speed label applicator.

This auxiliary unit works quickly (about 80 pieces per minute). The fact that it is automated makes it error-free. The two additional labels are applied in the correct place and position on the product packaging and do not obscure any important information on the basic product packaging. It is also important that the information at the bottom of the product can easily be changed thanks to the printer and applicator machine. Humidity causes problems for average labellers, as both the labelling machine and the labels must be protected from moisture and splashing water. The solution was a completely covered station, which our staff designed with insulated doors to make the equipment easily accessible.

The labelling station, built according to individual needs, thus fits perfectly into the production line, to the great satisfaction of the customer.