Meeting the requirements of the future – new printers from ANSER


Portable, ultra light, zero-maintenance, 1-inch cartridge – new entries in the U2 inkjet printer line from Anser. 


Four printers, each developed by ANSER engineers for a different purpose. All of them feature zero maintenance, since the ink cartridge eliminates unnecessary printhead services. This drastically decreases your total cost of ownership.

All 4 models feature a 3.5-inch LCD screen to provide a better user experience, hassle-free installation and easy integration. 

Simple yet elegant user interface. For trouble-free operation, the intelligent dashboard design monitors printer status and provides real-time notifications. 

The dust cover function helps to protect the cartridge from getting damaged in harsh environments.

The company has been operating worldwide for nearly 30 years, and its new U2 product line has a prominent member: MobileS, which is one of the lightest mobile inkjet printer on the market. It weighs only 1kg – requires no installation or mounting, simply hold it in your hand and print. Capable of printing anywhere, at any angle, without ink leakage. The most compact barcode printer, with all the accessories you will ever need in one small box: U2 MobileS unit, remote keypad, 2 high capacity rechargeable batteries, and battery charger. A single charge provides 7 hours of continuous printing with more than 200,000 characters. Texts can be printed in maximum 4 rows, with a height of 12.7 mm (0.5”).

The Smart model of ANSER’s U2 product line is a cost effective solution recommended for porous & semi-porous printing applications. Helps to protect the zero-maintenance cartridge in dusty environments. Contrary to traditional 0.5-inch cartridges, the U2 Smart One inkjet printer is capable of printing in 1 inch, i.e. double height. Excellent print quality on porous & semi-porous surfaces, and the unique Anti-Shock mechanism eliminates unexpected damage to the printer.

The U2 ProS printer was developed for non-porous substrates, with the solvent compatible cartridge specially designed for primary package coding applications. For special substrates, UV ink solution is also available.

Models of the U2 product line feature a simple and user-friendly operation system, with the menu available in several languages, Hungarian included.

Capable of printing crispy barcodes: 1D & 2D barcodes including EAN 128, Code 128, Code 39, Datamatrix, QR, etc.

ANSER offers a new ink series for the U2 product line: Inkfinity provides various printing solutions. The all-round ink palette means that high-quality inks are available for porous, semi-porous and non-porous substrates alike.

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