Feeding, marking, labeling and arranging bags – all in seven steps


The new and custom production line of Masterprint helps labeling bags: it is accurate, fast and handles big volumes independently, without human intervention.


A machine that only requires feeding of bags – and the output is a product with all the required marking and labeling. This complex task was assigned to us by one of the leading seed production company of the world that required a high capacity marking machine in their newly constructed green field plant. The accurate identification on the one hand is essential for the manufacturer, and, on the other hand, it is prescribed by the effective and rather strict legal provisions to indicate information that prove the originality of product on the bags.


One of the most important requirements was high volume. The additional ones were that the equipment should print on the side and back of the bags in high resolution and be able to apply design and booklet labels, and print additional information on the pre-printed label of strict accountability provided by the state to certify authenticity and then apply these labels on the bags. The marked and labeled bags are arranged at the end of the process.


Step by step, we introduce the phases of the process and also the solutions for each task:


1. Feeding
Thanks to our vast experience, the automatic and constantly loadable bag feeder was designed and manufactured tailored to the specific needs. The maximum capacity of the feeder is 150 bags, the height may range from 380mm to m550mm, and the width from 550mm to 900mm. The equipment forwards 1,500 bags per an hour.


2. Marking
The second step is a high resolution printer, in this case two Matthews VIAJet T100 printers. The versatile and reliable printer provides exceptional printing resolution by utilizing the latest technology. With adequate settings, it can even print 100 meters per minute. The smallest character is 2 mm, the largest is 10 mm, the maximum printing height is 100 mm. The printing distance is maximum 6 mm.


3. Label applicator
The Novexx ALS 206 industrial labeling system is the most appropriate for this task as it applies pre-printed design and booklet labels on the bags with an easily replaceable material roll; it can apply 30 meters of labels with 5-600 mm length per minute.


4. Label printer and applicator
The printing and applying of pre-printed label of strict accountability is carried out by the high capacity Novexx ALX 735 printing and applying system that provides outstanding printing quality besides the intelligent altering data management.
Print head: 300 dpi, Near Edge
Printing speed: 50mm – 400mm/s
Printing width: max. 127 mm
Width of label: 30 – 134 mm
Length of label: 25 – 225 mm


5. Label applicator
Our client also required that one of the design labels should applied on the bag by rotating it by 90 degrees. Hence a special supporting system was designed that was equipped with a further label applicator: the Novexx ALS label applicator 206 uses air to apply labels on the bags.


6. Label applicator
The further design and booklet labels are applied by two Novexx ALS 206 label applicators.


7. Bag arranging unit
This is the last step of the process. Since it is important the operator may access the marked and labeled bags in an arranged form, we designed a bag arranging unit equipped with a sensor and may be adjusted to the size of the bag.


The user-friendly touch screen user interface is a further benefit of the system.


The following video demonstrates the system in operation, and the steps are introduced one by one.