Cross-country running, walking in brilliant weather and a lot of smiling people - this was Cross Tihany this year


The Masterprint Tihany Cross Country Running and the Nordic Walking Contest were an unparalleled experience in all respects, and hundreds of people chose them as their Saturday programme also this year.


This year’s event, a sport experience at its best, took place on the shores of Lake Balaton in wonderful late summer sunshine and in an exceptional atmosphere. As the saying goes: running is a sport for a lifetime. And the organisers welcomed all sport lovers with tracks of quite different lengths (4.2 km, 10.5 km, 21 km) making sure that as many people could take part in the event as possible. In addition to the cross-country runners, Nordic walkers, both beginners and professional athletes, also arrived in large numbers. Families could select tracks that were also suitable for children and dog owners were allowed to hit the finish line together with their pets. All this took place in Tihany, one of the most beautiful regions of Hungary with a Mediterranean atmosphere.


In addition to doing sports together, this year the participants also had the chance to support children living in protection homes by running the extra lap called +300 METERS FOR CHILDREN after the chosen distance. The naming sponsor of the competition, Masterprint Kft., gave HUF 2000 to the Veszprém-Gyulafirátót Child Protection Home after every runner who covered the extra distance. The institution takes care of 12 children in need of temporary child protection care in a family atmosphere, and some of them also took part in the competition together with their tutors. It was an uplifting feeling that almost all the entrants, 238 in total, undertook to cover the extra distance, so the protection home was enriched by half a million forints – the amount will be spent on outdoor sports equipment for the children.


The inspiring atmosphere of this year’s Tihany Cross can be clearly seen from the photos in the attached gallery.


Tihany Cross will also be organised next year, so come in 2022 if you missed it this year!


You can find even more exciting photos on the Tihany Sport and Leisure Facebook page: