Automatic, quick and error-free sorting of collecting trays


The code reader-based system decides where to place the trays containing different eyeglass lenses.

One of the best-known manufacturers of premium quality optical devices asked our company about automating the sorting of various lenses on their production lines. The goal was to enable their system to automatically forward the collection trays containing eyeglass lenses to the right location on the production line. Masterprint Kft. specialists installed a complete conveyor feeding and sorting system, including a conveyor belt, a camera, a built-in code reader, as well as the software and user interface. One of the biggest advantages of this system is that, thanks to the automatic operation, workers can be redeployed to more important tasks, and sorting is quicker. Also, by eliminating human and operator intervention, the process has become error-free and the production process is more efficient. What’s more, after sorting, a custom-designed and made machine collects the trays and stacks them in units of 8 or 10.

An essential part of the system is a code reader, which from five options selects the specific output path where the lenses are forwarded for further processing, packaging, logistics or storage in the warehouse.

Forwarding to the appropriate output path is done by a specific software and control. In the future, the system may be suitable for sorting completely different types of products (for example, pallets and boxes) as well.