A new logo and a more modern look at Masterprint


We are pleased to introduce the new Masterprint logo, which is an updated, more modern version of our old logo.

A company’s logo is a very important symbol. It’s an emblem that expresses the goals set when the company was founded, the steps taken since then, and the current plans at the same time. It tells a story.

For Masterprint, this means two things. For us, the butterfly is a technically perfect, flying creation born of a chrysalis. On the one hand, this expresses our relentless adherence to quality. On the other hand, the butterfly also symbolizes being born out of nothing, since over we have grown from a small company of a few people into a regional-sized company.

We were clear that we still wanted the butterfly to represent us, only in a simpler, scalable, more reproducible and more modern form. We were looking for a kind of refined aesthetic. Something that expresses the engineering precision and high-tech quality that characterizes our everyday lives at Masterprint.

We also insisted on the fiery orange color chosen at the beginning, as it has become unique in the industry.

To our great delight, the new Masterprint logo was designed by Graphasel graphic studio, who have won the Red Dot Awards three times. This is the largest and most prestigious product design, communication design and design concepts award in the world. These extremely talented young people perfectly realized what we were shooting for. As they put it, they created a logo that – based on the original butterfly pattern – was inspired by the technological development and innovation they experienced during their visit to Masterprint. In addition to high-tech technology, they were also inspired by various coding methods (QR code, EAN code) as well as the world of printed circuits.

We are proud to present this small, yet important change for us. You will find our new logo on future Masterprint releases.