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Masterprint unique identification and product tracking system

Product tracking is a basic requirement in all manufacturing industries, but this meant so far only shipments tracking and not the identification of individual products.

With the help of identifiers generated randomly by digital means, a new era starts: in the future, both faulty and fake goods can be clearly filtered out.
The lifetime of each product can be traced back with unique identifier placed on the product
From the “birth” of the raw material, from the moment of production until the arrival to consumer, all steps (i.e. packaging, transport, storage, etc.) are documented.
Manufacturers, authorities and consumers are all interested in the operation of a tracking system.
Due to the high number of the entities involved, a stable Track&Trace system ensures the recording of and access to authentic information and the accurate identification of products.
Why is this good for consumers?
Consumers get relevant information about the product
Consumers see a transparent process
This increases the feeling of safety
Consumers get extra service
Loyalty to the product
Why is this good for businesses?
It reduces the risks by filtering out critical points
In case of anomalies it helps to react in time
It reduces loss due to expired products
It helps meet quality and increasingly stringent safety rules
Accelerates the identification of procurement problems
Increases the efficiency of logistics and distribution
It helps to protect the reputation of the company against counterfeits

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