The Masterprint Group

Zoltán Kárpáti


Masterprint, established 2007, is one of the leading and dominant players of the domestic marking technology market. Its sphere of activity includes planning, production, distribution, operation as well as servicing of industrial marking equipment. In addition to the sales of sys- tems developed by well-known manufacturers, the company is also present on the market with own developments and product lines.


Masterprint Digital established as a sister company of Masterprint is specialized in digital printing, and in addition to design, production, maintenance and servicing it also deals with project management and guidance. The company’s strategic partners include AGFA, Industrial Inkjet and Tritron.


MasterQuality established in 2011 as a sister company of Masterprint specializes in the distribution, maintenance and servicing of multihead weighers (Ishida), food cutting machines (Urschel), machines specialized in secondary end of line packaging (Cama) and industrial dishwashers (Jeros). The company is also engaged in the design and construction of packaging and processing, material and finished product conveyor and handling systems.