The Masterprint

Zoltán Kárpáti


Dear Clients,


Please, allow me to give a short introduction below on the history and philosophy of the Masterprint Group.


The first member of the Group, Masterprint Kft., was founded in 2007 by me and my partner. By that time we had had more than 10 years’ experience in marking technology, therefore Masterprint became the first Hungarian-owned company in marking technology of which founders are all experts in this field.


Since the launch of the company the establishment of a team of highly-qualified professionals, the up-to-date knowledge of manufacturers and tendencies on the marking technology market have been of great importance. Up to now we are convinced that this is the only way technical changes can be monitored and integrated into the systems built and sold by Masterprint.


Since the foundation of the company in 2007, Masterprint has become one of the leading and dominant players of the domestic marking technology market – in the areas of planning, production, distribution, operation as well as servicing. Today, the portfolio of the group does not only include the sales of systems developed by well-known manufacturers, but we are also present on the market with our own developments and product lines.


Our future objectives include the organizational development of Masterprint Group, in other words the establishment of an added-value-centered (Lean) management system. In addition, in terms of sales, we would like to increase the rate of export. Also, we put great emphasis on the further development of our pharmaceutical product line (Pharma series) and systems of printing industry. And, last but not least, we have set ourselves the goal of the development of digital product printing and management, and integrated lines.


However, irrespective of the above, we still consider it the most important that our future and existing partners can envisage a business opportunity in the application of industrial marking systems by which they can gain immediate competitive advantage in the given market segment.


Zoltán Kárpáti
CEO – Masterprint