Printing Innovation, a brand of JG Special Products GMBH, is a leading manufacturer of digital printing solutions. The products iCube 1, 2 and 3 are built in German factory. Those printers are based on Memjet technology.


Further on is Printing Innovation an highly innovative developer looking always for new technologies and products. Designing printers and printing applications is one of the strengths of Printing Innovation , a brand of JG Special Products GMBH.


So will Printing Innovation present new printers and solutions with smart design and high performance very soon. These machines will be built also in German factory. Our printer range i2print will satisfy customer´s needs in performance and costs.


Theu technology Partner Memjet uses a special and effective technology for their Printheads:
The Memjet Waterfall Printhead Technology®

Low-costs combined with high-speed color printing are features of this printer head and the so-equipped printers.


The print head has 70,400 nozzles that output in seconds millions of ink drops. This enables completely new possibilities in the commercial and industrial markets. Minimal warm-up times and a drastic print-noise-reduction are also other advantages, which are related to the use of this component in conjunction and gives you a strong advantage over your competitors.



  • – 70.400 nozzles
  • – Printable width 8.77 inch (222.8 mm)
  • – Print speed 6 inches (152mm) per second or 12 inches (305mm) per second)
  • – Print resolution 1,600 dots per inch



  • – the 50 percent faster printing means for every user a considerable time saving
  • – the easy overall construction of the printer increase the sturdiness and minimize the risks of shipping damages
  • – high scratch resistance of the print will be achieved with filling the glossy-ink-cartridge with a new transparent ink
  • – different materials (metals, plastics and foils) will be printed with equal resistant quality